How to Root any Android TV Box - Guide

How to Root any Android TV Box - Guide

How to root any Android TV?  Hi friends, welcome to the tech world. Are you looking for root your android tv with simple steps? Then you are an incorrect place. Here in this article, you will get full details about how to root your Android TV? Also, you will know about the features of the rooting process. Most of the people think that the rooting process is very difficult and it may harmful to their devices. But the rooting process is very safe and secure. So without any hassle, you can easily root your Android device and any Android TV using rooting applications. Here we mention that the best rooting methods and guide you to root your Android TV. Keep reading this complete article and get full details about How to root any Android TV?

Why root your Android TV?

How to Root Any Android TV Box
Before rooting your Android TV just know about the reasons for rooting your Android TV. There are many features are available when you root your Android TV. Rooting your android tv box will give you unlimited features and ultimate freedom to customize your Android TV settings. Also, some root apps require to root your TV box and allowing them to make change your Android TV files and settings. Once you root your android tv then the root access to your Android TV allows you to install any apps that normally would not be allowed with your android Tv.
The rooting process will help you to access your android TV settings and files. You can also customize your Android TV settings and also install any apps on your Android TV.

How to root your Android TV?

There are many methods are available to root your Android TV. Here we provide the best 3 methods to helps you root your Android TV.
  • Method 1 => Root your Android TV using Kingroot 
  • Method 2 => Root your Android TV with One-click root app.
  • Method 3 => Root android TV via Kingroot desktop version.
These are the best methods to root your Android TV with simple steps. We guide you to root any Android TV. Just follow these below steps and know about root your Android TV and its features. 

Method 1: Root any Android TV using kingroot:

How to Root Android TV
  • Turn on Android Tv box and go to settings.
  • Now scan through the settings menu and search for security & restriction in personal option on the left side.
  • Just enable the unknown source and allows to installs any third party apps. It helps to root your android Tv.
  • Now a prompt message will ask for a confirmation whether you would agree that the manufacturer is not responsible for any issue and damage.
  • Download the kingroot apk file and install it. You can download kingroot apk file from its official website.
  • Now install the kingroot app o your Android TV.
  • After launching kingroot app and just tap to root option and root your device. 
  • Wait till the rooting process will complete.
  • After root your Android TV it will return to the home screen. You can also download the Rootchecker app to check whether Android TV is rooted.

Method 2: Root any Android device via One-click root app:

How to root any Android TV
  • Download the one-click root app on your computer.
  • Connect your android Tv to the computer using a USB cable.
  • Now enable the USB debugging option. You can do this step via developer option on your android Tv.
  • Run the one-click root software and it will automatically root on your Android TV.

Method 3: Root any Android TV using Kingroot Desktop version:

  • Download the kingroot app on your computer.
  • The kingroot is available on APK format. You can download Kingroot apk file from its the official website.
  • After download the kingroot apk file just saved it. Using android root.exe file and click to root your android Tv.
  • Now go to Settings -> Developer option and click to enable the USB debugging mode.
  • After connecting your android tv to a computer just tap to the root button and start the rooting process.
  • Finally, your android Tv is successfully rooted using kingroot desktop version.
These 3 methods are very helping to root your android tv without any damage to your device.

We hope this article very helps to know more details about How to root any Android TV? and its features. If you have any struggle to root your Android TV just ask free on the comment Box.

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